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Get to know the benefits of therapeutic massage! At Gray Duck Massage, we believe that every body needs help sometimes. We can help your overall wellness by lowering your stress levels, reducing exercise recovery time, and regaining mobility in areas of muscle stiffness.  Whatever your body is going through, Gray Duck Massage can help.  

Stressed? Massage Therapy can help! Minneapolis

Stressed out? General relaxation massage lowers levels of cortisol  (the stress hormone) in the body. Let us help calm your frazzled nerves and set you up for a restful nights sleep.  

Dealing with soreness from working out? In training for an athletic event? Enhance your training with deep tissue massage on trouble spots.  Just conquered a milestone? Recover faster with massage therapy!

Running Training Working Out Massage Minneapolis
Desk Work Massage Minneapolis, Twin Cities

Do you work at a desk? Spend a lot of time peering down at a laptop? Have a pain in your neck, shoulders or upper back from all the time on your phone?  Our techniques can help you stand straighter and stop hunching over. We know just which muscles are stressed by our digital lifestyles.  

Everyones needs are different.  At Gray Duck Massage, we take the time to find out what you need. We will help you achieve your wellness goals without the hard sell or rushed approach of the massage chains. Give us a try!

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