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A Gray Duck Massage session is a custom experience, suited to your needs. Whether you've had many experiences with massage or this is your first time receiving professional bodywork, we want you to feel fully informed, comfortable, safe, and secure.


Arrival: Plan to arrive a bit before your appointment. There is a small waiting room on the second floor of the building just outside of our massage space. If you have not filled out your intake form online beforehand, we will need you to fill it out when you arrive.


Initial Meeting: We will greet you and take you into the massage space for an initial meeting. We will ask you the reasons you are seeking massage, and will ask questions about areas to be worked, preferred depth of pressure, and more. Then, we will discuss and agree to a plan for the session with you. We take this part of the process seriously and will not rush through it, but we do not count the initial meeting as part of the massage time. This is a great time to voice concerns, ask questions, or state preferences.


Getting Ready: After the initial meeting your therapist will leave the room to wash their hands and give you a chance to get on the table. You should undress to your level of comfort. This varies for different people. For some people this means they take off everything, which is fine. Some folks choose to leave on their underwear, which is fine too. If you can, remove any necklaces or other jewelry. Get onto the table (we will tell you if you will start face up or face down) and underneath the top sheet and blanket.


Oil: Massage is performed with massage cream or oil. This allows the therapists hands to glide over the skin and apply correct, even pressure. Let us know if you have allergy concerns about the products we use. We may massage your face and scalp, but will not use oil or cream on those areas.


Draping: Your body will be covered with a sheet and usually a blanket. Your therapist will uncover each part of your body, such as your back or leg, in turn as it is worked on. Proper draping is an integral part of a professional therapeutic massage experience and is required for all clients.  

Communication: Please feel free to communicate during the session. We often work quietly in order to foster a relaxing atmosphere, but if you have questions, requests, feedback or just want to chat, go ahead. It's your time.


After the session: Once the session is over, we will leave the room again to allow you to get up and get dressed. Get up slowly, as you may feel a bit light headed after a session. When you are dressed , open the door and we will join you again. We will collect payment, ask for feedback about the session, and give some advice about self care between appointments. If you wish, you can schedule another appointment. Thanks for coming in!

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