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Gray Duck Massage Therapy is owned and operated by Joyce Fitzgerald and Bill Olbrisch. After 20 years together, people tell us we are a cute couple--but that is just part of the story. We are colleagues who push each other toward excellence in our profession every day. We constantly hone our skills and nerd out together because every body is a good body, and every body deserves customized care. We are amazed by the benefits of massage therapy, and we think you will be impressed too. 

Joyce Fitzgerald

See me to get customized therapeutic massage that addresses your unique needs! My style is rooted in the classical Swedish tradition, and draws from a broad range of deep tissue techniques. 

  • Stressful week?  Whether work keeps you at a desk, on your feet, in motion or a mix of all three, I can help you reduce the physical and mental stress.

  • Tough workout? Athletes, exercisers, dance enthusiasts and yoga practitioners are welcome.  Massage can reduce soreness, promote recovery, increase range of motion and support injury care. 

  • Want a break? Soothing, relaxing, pampering massage will take you away from it all and promote restful sleep.

I prioritize staying up to date with the latest research in my field and responding to the needs of my clientele. My continuing education credits include courses in headache care, fibromyalgia care, pain science, and prenatal massage.

Bill Olbrisch

I was inspired to become a Massage Therapist by Joyce, my partner of many years. I found the study of anatomy to be incredibly fascinating: the way muscles follow the same pattern, but are also unique and personal to each individual. My work is classical Swedish massage and deep tissue techniques.  As an athletic performer, I have a good understanding about the relationship between how we move and how we feel. As a person who has sometimes spent too much time at the computer, I can help you with your desk work related tension and stiffness.  I get great satisfaction from helping people regain mobility, reduce their pain, and calm their stresses.  Let me help you figure out the unique puzzle that is your body.  

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